What a lesson…

Gents: I trust you are all enjoying each days lesson and pray this finds you well. 

As many of you know, my health was in bad shape the past week and I truly believe it was a work of satan keeping me from what I desired to do with my small group.  It became difficult to read for for any length of time since it only aggravated my fever.  I was able to spend time in prayer for the group and was encouraged by emails and voice-mail for you brothers.   The last couple of days were spend resting and playing a little catchup on these incredible lessons.  I pray you are all encouraged, challenged and convicted by the workbooks.   I look forward to next time we can all meet.  You are all in my prayers.


One Response to “What a lesson…”

  1. Lee Says:

    Hi, Dave! I just saw (now) saw that you had created this back in January! Praise God that He brought you through that time… When was the last time you had a cluster headache?

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